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Notions of a dual iPhone 6 release with a larger 5.5-inch phablet offering still remain largely circumspects. However, the intel pointing to the iPhone 6 “base model” getting upgraded to a 4.7-inch display has come one step closer to pre-Apple announcement reality, thanks to an impressive new video from tech vlogger Marques Brownlee, whose latest video revealing what purports to be the screen of the new 4.-7-inch iPhone 6 has received well over 2.5 million views. What the video reveals is an impressive new display for the iPhone 6 that would appear to near-confirm that iPhone users at least enjoy a 4.7-inch screen.

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If you go by the prevailing rumors, the iPhone 6 is about to get a lot bigger. Should the prospect of a dual-release iPhone 6, complete with a 4.7-inch standard model and 5.5-inch pro supplemental model prove true, a swath of serious mobile users clamoring for years for a big-screened iPhone will no longer have anything to carp about — at least not about the display.

While the display is probably going to get bigger, new rumors suggest that the iPhone 6 battery may remain relatively similar in capacity to that of the 5S, fueling fears of battery drain issues.

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iPhone 6 Phablet To Get 128GB: Rumor

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Rumors on Friday Jul 4, 2014

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Hardcore mobile gadget geeks have decried Apple’s lagging iPhone screen sizes, which many believe are currently well more than an inch behind the Android competition. From all accounts, Cupertino is concerned about it as well, and will use the iPhone 6 release as a platform to deliver two new large-screened smartphones in succession — one in the 4.7-inch range, and another perhaps measuring in at 5.5-inches.

However, it’s quite possible that the latter 5-5-inch “phablet” iPhone 6 will have more than just display real estate as a selling point. A new rumor out of Asia suggests that the iPhone 6 phablet may offer the largest amount of storage yet offered on an iPhone.

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UPDATE: New iPhone 6 Mockup Walks Back Fugly Form Factor Fears

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Friday Jul 4, 2014

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Were the early renderings of the iPhone 6 based on leaked schematics a glimpse into a device that had lost touch with Apple’s iconic aesthetics, or a mere “ugly duckling” that will blossom into a swan by summer’s end, when Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils the new device on stage in Cupertino? Earlier in the week, BGR-obtained mock-ups of the iPhone 6 suggested a truly fugly, new iPhone that would be too homely to sport the Apple logo. However, late-breaking glimpses at the rounded glass of the iPhone 6′s screen, together with some new renderings, have BGR’s Zach Epstein changing his tune.

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iphone 6 comparison with 5SA recent spate of leaks and mocks-ups based on leaks have ratcheted up excitement for the impending announcement and release of the iPhone 6, which will most likely take place in late summer or early fall, as has been the recent trajectory for new iPhones. However, early glimpses and guesses at the back of the new iPhone 6 have been troubling to the tech media and iPhone enthusiasts alike, who perceive it be a rather homely aesthetic overhaul of the current iPhone 5S.

In the last 24 hours, however, a new leak of the front of the iPhone 6 should offer iPhone users some hope. Read More


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The Ugly Truth: Leaked iPhone 6 Is Fugly

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Monday Jun 30, 2014
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“iPhone 6, you UGLY, boi!”

For those who hungered and thirsted in vein for glimpses at the upcoming iPhones during the Jobsian era at Apple, the thinly-veiled marketing gambit of drip-advertising the new iPhone via leaks alla Tim Cook is a welcome spin of the old iPhone rumor mill. Now, we are treated to the new iPhone before it drops. And that’s a good thing — I guess.

What isn’t a good thing? When the leaked images of the iPhone 6 show it to be an ugly mess. And that’s exactly what the tech media is beginning to sound off about. Read More


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The iPhone is among the most expensive smartphones in the world today. Read how the advent of a phablet version of the iPhone 6 could help its “smaller” counterpart to have a smaller price tag as well.

For iPhone consumers — particularly in the U.S. where subsidized iPhone purchases are quite common — the overall price point of Apple’s flagship smartphone is typically not much of an issue. For $100-200 bucks, users can usually onboard onto the new iPhone, and subsume the rest of the phone’s cost into a contract renewal. However, with each passing year, unlocked iPhones purchased at full continue to be of increasing interest to users who see the value in paying upfront for the device, and thus having more control over the back-end pricing.

Now, with the iPhone 6, consumers might have the opportunity to purchase the smartphone at a lower price than the current iPhone 5S. Read More


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