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Will Apple Change The Screen Size On The iPhone 6?

Posted by Michael Nace on Tuesday Nov 20, 2012 Under iPhone 6 Opinion

iphone 6 and samsung galaxy s 4

Rumor has it that Samsung might bump up the GS4 to a 5-inch AMOLED screen. Will Apple counter that move in 2014 with an even larger screen for the iPhone 6?

More than the metal back, A6 processor, or slim design, the hallmark feature upgrade on the iPhone 5 is the elongated screen. After bucking the trend of expanding the screen size of the iPhone for years, Apple finally answered the call for a larger-screened iPhone. However, with their stretched aspect ratio, they did it in a way that differentiates the iPhone 5 from any other smartphone on the market today.

In spite of the fact that the iPhone 5 is on track to become the most popular and best-selling smartphone ever, it doesn’t appear that their competitors are looking to copy the design (either because they don’t want to seem pastiche, or because they don’t want to draw further fire from Cupertino’s legal department). Instead, top competitor Samsung appears to be looking to deploy new screen dimensions and technologies in 2013, which could make their way onto the GS4.

According to Droid-Life:

” . . . details are beginning to emerge on Samsung’s plans to produce a 1080p HD Super AMOLED display for use in future devices. According to sources, the displays that could see mass production in Q1 of 2013, are 4.99″ with a whopping 441ppi – much like the recent DROID DNA that has 440ppi. As for exactly when we could see Samsung show these off, sources lead that we could see the technology on display at the 2013 CES, which is just a couple of months away.”

Because of the release timeframe for the new AMOLED display, tech pundits are projecting that Samsung will actually install this new 5-inch display on the GS4, giving the Korean-based consumer electronics giant two top-tier mobile gadgets — the GS4 and Note — that traverse the 5-inch mark in screen dimensions.

If Samsung makes this move, can we expect Apple to revisit the screen size of the iPhone 6?

To be sure, there have been plenty of complaints about the iPhone 5′s display. In spite of the new in-cell technology and added row of icons to the user interface, many Apple enthusiasts expecting an Android-like expansion of the screen felt cheated by Apple’s middle-of-the-road approach; clearly, Cupertino designers still buy in to the Jobsian ethic that the iPhone is ideally sized, and the new dimensions appear to be a compromise at giving users a larger screen without changing the overall look and feel of the iPhone.

My guess is that we’ll see Apple tenaciously defend their new screen size well past the iPhone 6. I don’t expect a 5-inch screen on the iPhone 6, as I suspect that Apple gave their current screen size careful consideration and would see the adoption of a wider, larger screen as a capitulation that they need not make while the iPhone remains the top single smartphone in the world.

Interestingly enough, there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that Samsung may have jumped the shark with the GS3′s screen size, and that going in the direction of a 5-inch display might hurt the brand rather than help it. According to Product Reviews, “We’ve heard from a number of PR readers that want to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 a little smaller, so it ‘fits better in a pocket.’” Granted, Product Reviews readers aren’t going to guide Samsung’s R&D for the GS4, but it’s worth noting that maybe the notion of ever-increasing smartphone sizes will mark the decline of a device’s popularity, not the steady increase that I think Samsung is hoping for.

Smartphone users remain obsessed with screen size. Many suffer from screen envy, even. But it remains to be seen if Apple shares that obsession, and I think that other hardware and feature upgrades will dominate the iPhone 6 in 2014.

By Michael Nace


Michael Nace

Michael Nace is the Publisher of the iPhone 6 News Blog. He began writing about the iPhone in 2010 with the launch of the iPhone 5 News Blog, which to date has had over 12 million visits. Michael’s posts have been syndicated on the Drudge Report, the Huffington Post, and Google News, and quoted on various leading tech websites.


12 Responses to “Will Apple Change The Screen Size On The iPhone 6?”

  1. Ron Holland Says:

    The screen dimentions of the iPad is perfect for web viewing. I would like to see the iPhone 6 widened just enough to make that happen.
    But that ain’t never going to happen given the number of apps that are written already. There’s no turning back for Apple now and besides I can use the current iPhone with one hand expertly.

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  2. MJ Chesny Says:

    The iPhone 5 is my first smartphone. I onboarded to Apple devices with an iPod touch in late 2009, added an iPad in October 2010. I primarily used my phone in portrait mode and compared to my wife’s 4S my first impression is that the screen FEELS big. Bigger than it really is I think because th dimensions are stretched where you want them for web browsing or video watching. I have my original iPad which still works fine mind you if I need a big screen mobile experience, but pocketability remains my primary reason for preference of the iPhone over a GS3.

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  3. Ron7624 Says:

    This comment section looks a little different. I don’t see the like buttons. Is this a permanent change Michael?
    By the way that was me on the previous post, I just forgot to use my standard username.

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  4. Ron7624 Says:

    Okay so this is really strange. I posted a comment several hours ago and it was showing up on my phone. But after I posted the follow-up comment above, The first post disappeared and now the comment section looks like normal. Duh.
    Anyway my comment was about the screen size of future iPhones. I commented that the iPad has got the perfect screen ratio for any communication device because it is perfect for web viewing. but Apple won’t widen their phone to keep that prospective because they have so many apps that are made for the current design. Many of my Favorite apps have not been converted for use with the iPad.

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  5. MJ Chesny Says:

    @Ron7624 When I read your first* post I thought you were claiming my post. The next one cleared it up. And I agree that’s one of several reasons Apple isn’t interested in increasing screen size.
    I saw a new Samsung commercial talk about screen size for gaming. It seems they miss the point. Most people want a phone first with gaming and everything added on. Not an everything else with phone function added on. If I want premium gaming device I can get it, it’s called a PS Vita. It’s a better gaming platform in most ways but it’s not as used cause it doesn’t have the do everything aspect of a phone.

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  6. Michael Nace Says:

    Hiya, Ron. Yeah — I still have a LOT of work to do on this blog to give it the full functionality of iPhone 5. But thanks for reminding me about the like buttons. I’ll get them up.

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  7. J. Grimm Says:

    IMO Samsung increasing the S3 screen size past the S2 was in excess enough. But increasing it yet again for the S4 (especially with Note line available) is just an obvious enough common sense dumb move as the iPhone 5′s wonky skinny screen. Apple should have widened the screen appropriate to proportional resolution. Now to do that after already having changing the port, is really silly.

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  8. J. Grimm Says:

    A good saving grace would have been to make the iPad mini able to make cell phone calls I.e. a hybrid Phone Tablet (Phablet) like the Galaxy Note series.

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  9. Cristian Says:

    People don’t understand how the stretch helps the iPhone’s screen. This pushes the iPhone’s screen to an industry standard, helping developers to keep making apps simple and universal, they just have to change some code strings and adjust the resolution (this one is just about preference since making the apps resolution 1920×1080 would make it look great instead of going 1336×640). It also helps with media content. Let’s also say apple chooses to make the long awaited Apple TV set, iOS would easily be ported thanks to the iPhone already having 16:9 aspect ratio. I do believe the iPad’s 4:3 aspect ratio works great for web browsing so what I would do is make the screen larger, maybe 13″. It would make media viewing and web browsing a charm. The only thing those 16:9 android tablets work for is watching video. Apps are horrible on them. :/

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  10. Cristian Says:

    Oh and Michael would it be better to just make this site redirect to the iPhone 5 news blog? That way you have all the news over there and we don’t have to jump from site to site, plus your page views would go up. Or maybe make a site about apple news and make both URLs (iPhone 5 & iPhone 6 news blogs) redirect there? Just a suggestion by the way. I don’t wish to create any conflict. Loving your work.

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  11. Runner1983 Says:

    Apple’s arrogance will prevent them from widening the iPhone screen, even though people like me with wide figures need a wider screen to improve accuracy.

    Those who are sufficiently old rember the Apple 1984 Super Bowl commercial , where IBM was “big brother,” and Apple was the scrappy challenger. Apple is big brother now, and they need to be careful so they don’t get knocked off by a new scrappy challenger. This happens to RIM, and can happen to Apple if they are arrogant.

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  12. Sanjay Says:

    If apple want to be in race with samsung and others supplier , they should think and must re size the next iphone in atleast 5 inch screen size with advanced screen resolution and with the some special features like wireless charging and laser key board with better battery life.

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