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“iPhone 6″ Shows Up In Web Logs To Kick Off New Year

Posted by Michael Nace on Wednesday Jan 2, 2013 Under iPhone 6 Rumors

New evidence of an iPhone 6 showing up in web logs suggests that Cupertino is in the latter stages of testing a new iPhone. But does the web log prove that we’ll have an iPhone 6 in 2013?

If you followed the iPhone 5 rumor mill, then you now that new, phantom devices showing up in tech web logs is part of the product development cycle for Apple. Part testing, part hype, Cupertino developers are well aware of the splash that visiting tech websites can have while testing both hardware and software for new devices. If they wanted to truly stay off the radar, then they’d visit websites that are not associated with tech.

Today, to mark the new year, the iPhone 6 appears to have made a phantom appearance, raising the level of excitement that 2013 could indeed mark the arrival of the iPhone 6 and not the iPhone 5S.

According to the Washington Post, the Next Web detected an “iPhone 6,1″ apparition on their web logs. The Post notes that:

“Credentials like these can be faked — in fact, new products are often given faked credentials for older models — but the Next Web believed the activity noted in logs was significant because it looked to be coming from Apple’s Cupertino, Calif., headquarters.”

What’s interesting about this story, however, is how cool the tech media is playing it. The Post notes that: “It would make sense for Apple to be testing the next generation of its hardware and software as it prepares for 2013. Really, it would be alarming to fans and investors alike if the company wasn’t running tests on new versions of their products.” And Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac makes the point that, just because Cupertino is using “iPhone 6,1″ to designate this device, it does not necessarily mean that the 2013 iPhone will indeed be the iPhone 6 — it could very well still turn out to be a refreshed iPhone 5S.

That makes sense to me.

The decision to name an iPhone has little if nothing to do with the R&D department. I doubt they have any major input on naming any Apple device, aside from providing the specs of the product, which may or may not factor in to its name. Naming products is the domain of the marketing department, and conversely speaking, they would have little input into naming prototype iPhone devices.

It very well may be that Cupertino developers refer to the current iPhone as “iPhone 6″ because it is the sixth-generation device, and “iPhone 6,1″ may be the designation of a refreshed iPhone 5 — aka, iPhone 5S. Again, all the taxonomy gets confusing.

Or, the appearance could have less to do with a new device, and more to do with new iOS 6 updates that are specifically focused on the iPhone.

Regardless, for those who enjoy following the iPhone rumors, it definitely marks the beginning of a new year of wild rumor, speculation, consternation, silliness, conjecture, excitement, and a wealth of other emotions and conditions that has made Phone speculation a hobby if not an official pastime for tech enthusiasts.

By Michael Nace

Michael Nace

Michael Nace is the Publisher of the iPhone 6 News Blog. He began writing about the iPhone in 2010 with the launch of the iPhone 5 News Blog, which to date has had over 12 million visits. Michael’s posts have been syndicated on the Drudge Report, the Huffington Post, and Google News, and quoted on various leading tech websites.


5 Responses to ““iPhone 6″ Shows Up In Web Logs To Kick Off New Year”

  1. Cristian Says:

    They already ruined the naming game with this last iPhone so if they want to get back on it they would have to name the next one iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 to make it work again. Lol I know it stupid but it made sense. Original iPhone, then we go with the iPhone 3G because it has 3G internet speeds, the we go 3GS because it’s exactly the same outside but faster in computing, then we jump to the iPhone 4 because it’s literally the 4th iteration, then we have the 4S becaus eit’s the same on the outside but it has faster computing and data speeds, then we jump to the 6th generation and name it iPhone 5? It doesn’t make since in the generational matter but what’s done is done.

    By the way, I posted this on another article but since it’s and older one I’m posting it here too:

    “Oh and Michael wouldn’t it be better to just make this site redirect to the iPhone 5 news blog? That way you have all the news over there and we don’t have to jump from site to site, plus your page views would go up. Or maybe make a site about apple news and make both URLs (iPhone 5 & iPhone 6 news blogs) redirect there? Just a suggestion by the way. I don’t wish to create any conflict. Loving your work.”

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  2. lauramacky Says:

    Am I the only one that has been consistently disappointed by Apple’s iPhone releases? The hype is always more than what they produce. It’s definitely changing how I perceive the iPhone for sure. The computers, on the other hand, have totally delivered. My new 15″ Macbook Pro Retina is no short of AMAZING. But why is it that every time they come out with a new phone, I yawn. When they came out with the 5, I was disappointed in hopes of them releasing a larger screen like the samsung S3. Instead, they release that skinny tall thing which I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. There are two reasons why I think they should come out with a larger screen size…1) people are starting to watch more media than ever on their phones and a small screen doesn’t cut it anymore….2) people can’t see text as easily on the smaller screen. What a difference when I look at my husband’s samsung. I’m not squinting anymore to see text, and I can use it without wearing my glasses which is a huge plus.

    I just know what’s going to happen…the next phone will be a “refresh” and they’ll release a new IOS to correct all the mishaps of the prior phone that they have not admitted to. Like poor wifi connection. It’s the same ol’, same ol’…and a total yawner for me.

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  3. lauramacky Says:

    Oops and yes…Michael…would it be possible to combine these blogs into an iPhone blog instead of segregating them out by phone version? It is kind of a pain to jump back and forth. But once again, I can’t stop without saying how much I appreciate all your hard work. THANK YOU!!!

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  4. Michael Nace Says:

    Hiya Laura. Well, the reason why I have the separate blogs is that, by separating them, it helps them to rank better in Google, which drives in more traffic. I know it requires regular readers to visit 3 of my sites instead of one, but I am trying to make the articles as distinct as possible on each blog.

    iPhone 5 is increasingly becoming more of a generic Apple catch-all blog. iPhone 5S is covering the breaking news about the 2013 iPhone release. And iPhone 6 is more conceptual, since I don’t think the 2013 iPHone will be the iPhone 6.

    But of course, all of this could change. lol

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  5. Laura Says:

    Ohhh I see. Thanks for explaining that Michael. Much obliged! Happy New Year!

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