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Impossibly Transparent iPhone 6 Concept Still Captivates

Posted by Michael Nace on Saturday Apr 20, 2013 Under iPhone 6 Opinion

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A subset of the iPhone community yearns for an iPhone 6 with a clear, holographic screen, in spite of the fact that the design is completely impossible and offers no practical function.

In the absence of any real iPhone 6 news to speak of, it gives us a chance to take a look at some of the more recent conceptualizations for the iPhone 6, and whether or not there is any possibility that they will materialize on the real iPhone 6 in 2014. The other day, we explored a recent conceptualization of the iPhone 6 with a wraparound AMOLED screen on both sides of the device — a striking design, no doubt, but almost completely lacking in function.

Another “new” set of concept photos depicts the iPhone 6 with a completely transparent screen [pictured above]. I put the term “new” in quotes, since this idea is actually as old as the hills — I remember seeing similar renderings in early 2011. Whether new or not, does the transparent-screened iPhone 6 offer us a glimpse into the future of the iPhone, or is it simply sic-fi?

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Clearly, the latter.

The see-through mobile device has become a kind of lame convention in futuristic movies, and that design aesthetic has spilled over into the hopes and dreams for the iPhone 6. Unlike the wraparound AMOLED-screened iPhone 6 concept — which at least has a vague Apple patent to back it up — the hints toward a transparent screen as a realistic design are few and far between.

As a feature, it really offers little utility. The only idea that comes to mind is that the phone could be used as a kind of “Google Glass:” the user could hold the screen up to his or her eyes — like binoculars — and could have whatever is in the field of vision of the glass augmented by the phone itself. However, people are already freaked out about the prospect of Google Glass — having a bunch of mobile users walking around with their iPhone 6 up in front of their eyes is even more worrisome and conspicuous, isn’t it?

Of course, all of this consternation over the use of a clear iPhone 6 is moot: it simply cannot be done at this point — it is a technology that is still years away at best. Think about how the designers at Cupertino have worked tirelessly to fit all of the iPhone’s components into its rather thin chassis. Now imagine them trying to cram it all into the top and bottom of the device only. Ain’t gonna happen.

Looking at and exploding all of these concepts are a healthy practice in beginning to handicap what the iPhone 6 is going to be all about. There’s no question that, once it rolls out in 2014, it’ll be an overhaul of the iPhone 5. But the prospect of it being something as outrageous as this transparent design is highly unlikely. Let’s begin to discuss what is possible and practical for the iPhone 6 in 2014 instead.

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