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Will The iPhone 6 Be The First “iPhone Air?”

Posted by Michael Nace on Sunday Nov 3, 2013 Under iPhone 6 Opinion

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The launch of the iPad 5 under the new “iPad Air” moniker took many consumers by pleasant surprise. Will we see Apple rebrand the iPhone 6 in 2014 as the “iPhone Air?

One thing that Apple is really good at doing is branding. Much like how Xerox managed to make its own brand name a ubiquitous verb for photocopying in the early days of that technology, so has Apple been able to make “iPhone,” “iPad,” “Mac,” and many of its other technologies part of the technological lexicon. One of these has been the “Air.” The MacBook Air came to replace the standard “MacBook” and characterized Apple’s ongoing dedication (fixation?) with making mobile computing devices increasingly thinner, slimmer, lighter, etc.

Give the trend with the current iPad Air, one wonders: will we see the rise of the “iPhone Air” next year?

Early iPhone 6 rumors are not claiming so. Instead, all of the heavy rumors and wish lists point to a 5-inch display, which may also include a “full HD 1080p Retina screen.” In this way, the iPhone 6 — at least early on — is slated by the Apple handicappers to be getting a bold spec increase, taking the smartphone into the phablet range, much like its Android competitors.

You know that my opinion on the matter is that there is much less chance of the iPhone 6 adopting Android-like display characteristics — I think Apple will stick with what they have. Where I do think they will seek to improve, however, is in the device’s thinness. Hence, “iPhone Air.”

It may come as a disappointment to many who are expecting the iPhone 6 to be this widely larger-screened device, but I think that, for all intents and purposes, Apple will continue to be more evolutionary rather than revolutionary when it comes to upgrading the iPhone 6. I think the device will be overhauled much in the same way that the iPad Air was: look for perhaps a slimmer bezel and thinner body — all thanks to advancing AMOLED screen tech — but I don’t think that they will traverse the 5-inch screen anytime soon, for fear of blurring the lines between the iPhone and iPad Mini.

Furthermore, “Air” has come to mean something to mainstream consumers.


Apple has done some good marketing work in making the MacBook and iPad Air a brand of mobile devices that are seemingly optimal for versatile mobile computing. While I think making mobiles ever-slimmer is a facile upgrade that at this point is more a novelty than a necessity, I’m the minority: consumers seem to love on boarding onto new Apple tech that will eventually be so thin that we’ll be able to jimmy doors with iPhones and slice watermelons with iPads.

(Tim Cook might hire Gallagher for the watermelon portion of that iPad Air launch. {For the record, I like Gallagher more than Tim Cook [and that's saying something.]})

So — thinner, slimmer, lighter — these are highly probable form factor and chassis upgrades for the iPhone 6 (aka iPhone Air) in 2014, in my humble opinion. What else? Well, I’d say “LiquidMetal” for the back, and maybe that long-rumored holographic Apple display, but it seems like the adoption of LiquidMetal onto iDevices has been long in coming. Cynics has long argued that maybe the licensing of LiquidMetal for mobile devices by Apple was more of a defensive gambit to keep the technology out of competitors’ hands rather than using themselves. Who knows? The cynics might be right — they usually are (which, in itself, is a cynical comment, isn’t it?).

Truth be told, I’d be less surprised by a LiquidMetal back for the iPhone 6 than I would a 5-inch screen.


Michael Nace

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  1. Rick Says:

    How about instead of the iPhone Air, they come out with a slightly thicker version and call it the iPhone-battery-doesn’t-run-out-halfway-through-the-day???

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