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iphone 6 screen with no bezel

Time and time again, we’ve seen a mix of questionable rumored iPhone parts hit the rumor mill well before the official release of the new smartphone. In recent years, these leaks have become increasingly authentic and accurate. All of this comes to bear on the newly-leaked image above, which purports to show an iPhone 6 screen with no bezel.

If the screen is authentic, then it is bad news for iPhone enthusiasts who are calling for a new screen size that approaches 5 inches.

According to GSMArena, the purported iPhone 6 screen with no side bezels allow ” . . . for a notably larger screen to fit in the same footprint. However, even so, our calculation show that the new panel can only accommodate a 4.3” display – far smaller than the initially rumored 4.7”-5” screens.”

I like the prospect of this screen being authentic, since I think that the design of it is in line with what we could expect as a realistic move for Apple: keep the iPhone 6 in line with the specs of the 5/5S and expand the screen marginally in order to demonstrate that they are committed to continuing to evolve the display size. We know from experience that Steve Jobs did not share the view that the iPhone would eventually need to sport a 5-inch-plus display in order to remain viable — a design ethic that still likely perseveres in the ranks of Cupertino designers. All in all, Apple will seek to keep the iPhone 6 looking and feeling like an iPhone, and as a result, they are unlikely, in my opinion, to dramatically redrew its measurements.


That being said, the notion that the size bezels might be gone on the iPhone 6 would indeed give the device a completely new looks, and if they manage to make it even thinner, then it will be even more next-generation than the current iPhone 5S.

We heard earlier that production appears to be ramping up in Asia — a sign that has been misinterpreted to mean a Summer release, but could be a signal of a very overhauled iPhone 6. This screen could be a byproduct of the ramping-up process. And in true Apple form, they very well may be allowing us to see this screen to begin backing down expectations that the next iPhone is going to be the sprawling phablet that many believe it will be.


Michael Nace

Michael Nace is the Publisher of the iPhone 6 News Blog. He began writing about the iPhone in 2010 with the launch of the iPhone 5 News Blog, which to date has had over 12 million visits. Michael’s posts have been syndicated on the Drudge Report, the Huffington Post, and Google News, and quoted on various leading tech websites.


11 Responses to “Purported Leaked iPhone 6 Screen Fails To Deliver On Phablet-Sized Display Rumor”

  1. DudeAbides Says:

    Those darn Apple engineers just can’t figure out how to make a larger screen…LOL I’m loving my 4.7 Moto X.

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  2. Baulsak49 Says:

    Good I hope this is true so ppl bail on apple in droves. %#£¥ them for being so oblivious and stubborn. It’s so obvious what ppl want. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills

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  3. Eric Says:

    People will be very disappointed with a 4.3 inch screen. Unless there is a big surprise feature, the stock will crater.

    I am seeing quite a lot of peripheral evidence about Apple releasing a pay feature to compete with Paypal. This will drive revenue for Apple, but it won’t be a big selling point that will drive consumers to buy the new IP6.

    I get excited then depressed – thank you Apple (and you too Michael) for making me schizoid over screen rumors… :-)

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  4. Dave Says:

    Apple ways seems to purposely leak untrue rumors out about this time every year. People will give up on them eventually. There are some great other phones out there. Microsoft is really starting to look good!

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  5. Mike Says:

    Eventually you will get that 4.7 – 5 inch screen on the current iphone chassis. It will be an incremental change and that’s just how it will remain. That droidsphere is crap be real.

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  6. Tim Says:

    I have waited a long time for Apple to release an iphone with a display larger than 5 inches. If this is true I will consider leaving Apple. I am sure they will loose customers over their screen size being less than 5 inches. Bot all people have little hands for a small screen. Why is Apple so stubborn. This corporate decision will hurt them deeply. The customer has spoken once again Apple has not listened to the needs and desires of their customer base. You made your bed Apple now sleep in it.

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  7. Shameer Mulji Says:

    As much as I enjoy iOS, I’m not getting another iPhone until, at minimum, it’s close to this, spec wise (or even design wise);


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  8. lauramacky Says:

    They really need to step up their game. These small phones are just not adequate in today’s world. Maybe as an option but more and more larger sized phones seem to be more desired. I love my 5C, but when time runs out on it in another year, I hope the bigger screen will be here. Sheesh….it’s taken them FOREVER!

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  9. Eric Says:

    Article caught my eye yesterday (off topic of IP6). The EU is mandating that all mobile devices use a common charger. I think it will be as of 2017 going forward. I’m in favor of this; it’s nuts to have search through a pile of cables to find the right charger.

    I hope by 2017 wireless charging is going mainstream, and we are beginning to move away from cords, but if not, what will it mean for the lightning cable? Everyone will go to USB?

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  10. Brent Says:

    This makes sense to me. In my opinion, most iPhone users want it for a PHONE #1. The iPhone is still the most reliable and one of the fastest smart phones on the market. Does my 4s look tiny compared to a Galaxy Note? Yes it does, but it’s cleaner, looks for professional, extremely reliable especially for its age, fits in the pocket of my slacks easier, and I argue that it responds faster than most Android or Windows devices. If they can deliver the largest screen possible while keeping a pocketable form factor then I’m all for it. By the way, and this is completely a personal thing, I look like a school kid holding a Galaxy note sized phone to my ear. It’s pretty hilarious.

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  11. Cristian Says:

    @Eric, the EU mandate has been going on for years. Apple already solved this (but I don’t know if it’s temporary or permanent) by making a 30-pin to micro USB adapter. I think they made one for the Lightning connector too (but I think you could still use a lightning to 30-pin and then conect the 30-pin to the micro USB, which is a huge fumble).

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