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Users Report Widespread Issues With New iOS 7 Update

Posted by Michael Nace on Sunday Mar 16, 2014 Under iPhone 6 News, iPhone 6 Opinion

ios 7 updateAfter Apple missed iPhone sales expectations by as many as 4 million in the company’s last financial report to Wall Street, the company — and CEO Tim Cook in particular — could ill afford to suffer another setback for their popular yet increasingly embattled mobile device line-ups. And yet, with the launch of the recent version of iOS 7, users are reporting a bevy of negative side effects that could further erode people’s confidence in Cupertino’s iDevices.

ZDNet recently reported that the latest iOS 7 update was downloaded by the largest number of users in such a short amount of time ever — already, 22% of iDevice users have downloaded and are using the new update. Unfortunately, along with the new update has come several glitches, including the most concerning one: widespread complaints of accelerated battery drainage. Battery life, of course, has been a persistent problem for iPhone users in particular. The first major issue with the battery came on the iPhone 4S, when Apple significantly increased the performance of several hardware components, but did not commensurately upgrade the battery. Battery reliability stabilized with the iPhone 5, but this new iOS snafu threatens to bring the issue back into focus.


Because the update is so new, there is currently no scientific study that really quantifies how many people have been impacted by the potential battery issues. However, users are anecdotally reporting that iPhone batteries are draining as soon as the devices are taken off charge — even if users leave them idle.

With the iPhone 4S, Apple was largely unwilling to take any blame for the battery performance, so it will be interesting to see if the company once again washes its hands of the issue. However, there is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that there is a cause/effect between the new iOS 7 update and battery performance issues.

In addition to the battery, users have also reported other quirks, such as contact lists that are getting wiped clean and flipped-around keyboards. Given the fact that contact lists live in the cloud, the hope is that these glitches can be repairs. However, it’s galling to think that, after all of the beta testing done with this new iOS 7 update, that it could have been released the public, only to cause so many problems. Considering that quality has always been the hallmark of Apple products, the mediocrity of this new update is indeed concerning. Tim Cook recently remarks to stock investors that Apple does “a lot of things for reasons besides profit motive,” and that the company wants “to leave the world better than we found it.” If that really is Cupertino’s goal, then they better get back to figuring out to their winning ways of years past, or they won’t have the resources to do all the do-gooding they claim to want to go for the world.

Michael Nace

Michael Nace is the Publisher of the iPhone 6 News Blog. He began writing about the iPhone in 2010 with the launch of the iPhone 5 News Blog, which to date has had over 12 million visits. Michael’s posts have been syndicated on the Drudge Report, the Huffington Post, and Google News, and quoted on various leading tech websites.


13 Responses to “Users Report Widespread Issues With New iOS 7 Update”

  1. Michael Threadgill Says:

    The icon zooming bothered me a lot, and I was glad that was tamed with an update. However, 7.1 appears to stop ALL animations. I thought the new animations in the Apple Weather app were really cool, but now they are gone. For my part, they should have left well enough alone. I guess it does go along with the all or nothing attitude Apple seems to have at times.

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  2. Shameer Mulji Says:

    I’m surprised. Other than the battery draining issue, I haven’t heard too many, if any issues, regarding iOS 7.1. For me, personally, it’s been much better than iOS 7 on my iPhone 5s. I haven’t updated my iPad Air yet.

    Usually with major updates like this one, I always do a full restore from iTunes on my PC and then set up as a new iPhone / iPad instead of setting up from my backup. Knock on wood, this has always given me the best results. This would be my recommendation. I realize it’s a pain in the rear in terms of having to reload your apps / setting / passwords but a little work up front saves many headaches down the road.

    The only time I do OTA are with minor updates like iOS 7.0.6.

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  3. James Says:

    The only issue I have seen has been with the battery. From my perspective it is draining much faster. I use my phone on a jobsite all day that does not allow me to have it charging. As a result I always make sure it is full charge when I arrive. Lately I can’t make it the whole day. The most infuriating has been two times where the phone was at 16-20% charge and then decided it was actually dead when I went to make a call.

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  4. ALM Says:

    Occasional music app freeze on 7.1

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  5. Tim Boulette Says:

    Absolutely ZERO problems with the update for me. If anything, battery life is a little better.

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  6. Danny Says:

    Apple aint taking the time, effort and care in their releases any more. Will stick by Apple for a while longer but if it all goes “pear” shaped, ima taking ma fruit and jumping ship.

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  7. Bat Masterson Says:

    No problems on my 5

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  8. lauramacky Says:

    My 4S was horrific with the upgrade and is why I went and purchased an iPhone 5C. Fortunately they had that offer where I received $200 for the 4S toward the 5C which means I paid about $35 for my new phone. My iPad 2 is a different story and is chugging along very slowly with IOS7. I can’t afford another iPad right now but I won’t do anymore software updates on the iPad. Yeah, I know…it’s old. :(

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  9. Shameer Mulji Says:


    Did you try upgrading the iPad 2 to iOS 7.1? Give it a shot but I suggest doing a full restore through iTunes on your PC / Mac and set up as a new iPad. I find this generally works the best. I find iOS 7.1 a big improvement over iOS 7.

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  10. lauramacky Says:

    Oh…well maybe I should give it a whirl. So now that you’ve mentioned it, lol…do I back it up first on iTunes and then on the ipad itself restore it as a new one and then connect it back to iTunes to restore it? During the store will it update to the new IOS?

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  11. Shameer Mulji Says:

    Yes back up your iPad on iTunes on your PC before you run the Software Update. When you go to do the Software Update, you have two choices – you can do the straight update or a full Restore. After the Restore is done, it will ask you if you want to restore from backup or set up as new iPad. Choose set up as new iPad.

    It does mean you’ll have to start from scratch but I find with major updates like 7.0 & 7.1, I get the best results. For minor updates like 7.06, I just do an over-the-air update straight from my device. God speed.

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  12. lauramacky Says:

    @shameer I forgot to tell you that worked. Thanks much !

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  13. Aimée Says:

    I am sorry that everyone is having a hard time with the new update. :-( I have updated my phone and my iPad Air and have had no problems whatsoever. I have found that it actually helped my idevices. Shameer is right. It is best to start from scratch with the updates. Once I reloaded my apps and pictures, I just rebooted and was all set to go. Best of luck to everyone!

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