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Two Versions of iPhone 6 Filling Rumor Mill

Posted by Michael Nace on Sunday Apr 13, 2014 Under iPhone 6 Rumors

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Last year, we had Apple’s first foray into a dual-release iPhone, with the premium iPhone 5S sharing the stage with the mid-priced iPhone 5C. Well, we all know how that little experiment turned out — while for years the iPhone rumor mill had clamored for such a release event, in the end, Tim Cook’s gambit to supercharge iPhone sales with double the iPhone goodness was an epic fail.

However, according to the latest rumors, Apple is set to try the dual-release strategy all over again — this time with screen sizes.

The latest rumors of course deal obsessively with the notion that Cupertino is seriously ready to start mass-producing two different iPhone 6 models — one with a 4.7-inch screen, and another 5.5-inch version — which, depending on who you listen to, may or may not debut in the same year. According to a Mac Rumors piece from the 9th, the 4-.7-inch screened iPhone 6 will see major ramping up of production by July for a release in the fall. The phablet-sized iPhone 6 is purportedly slated to begin production in September, and may or may not be released in 2014 — more likely 2015. The evidence of all of this is tenuous, as it always is: “Internal documents from the second ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung also indicate that Apple is poised to release a larger phone, as a slide deck from an April 2013 presentation showed that customers want less expensive and most notably, larger screen smartphones.”

The prevailing logic is that Apple will indeed increase the iPhone 6′s display size, but to what degree will remain a mystery — at least until production ramps up and photos begin leaking. However, whether or not Apple would once again risk trumping it’s own iPhone 6 with it’s other own iPhone remains to be seen.


If consumers have the notion that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is going to get outdone by the lager 5.5-inch iPhone 6 a few months down the line, who in their right mind will settle for the former iPhone? Moreover, how many average iPhone users go shopping for smartphones based on screen size? For iPhone users, not many, especially considering that the legacy iPhones are all being phased out.

What is more likely is that we’ll see Apple choose one of these two models, and put all of their R&D into making it a major success — something that the still-successful but recently embattled tech giant desperately needs. From a purely production standpoint, two iPhone 6 models means double the manufacturing resources. It just doesn’t add up.

For my money, I would expect to see the 4.7-inch model. Apple in my opinion will seek to avoid making an iPhone 6 with a 5.5-inch display that risks being derivative of its competitors in the Android market. Look for Apple to keep the iPhone’s defining specs — but a bit longer and a tad wider.

Michael Nace

Michael Nace is the Publisher of the iPhone 6 News Blog. He began writing about the iPhone in 2010 with the launch of the iPhone 5 News Blog, which to date has had over 12 million visits. Michael’s posts have been syndicated on the Drudge Report, the Huffington Post, and Google News, and quoted on various leading tech websites.


6 Responses to “Two Versions of iPhone 6 Filling Rumor Mill”

  1. ron7624 Says:

    I’m pretty sure you nailed it Michael. I can’t believe that Apple would make a phone that would almost be as large as the iPad mini. If they do offer a larger screen size at all, I think it would be the 4.7. I hope they do, because I would definitely scoop one right up.

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  2. sptc1973 Says:

    As would I. The 4.7 size would be a killer move.

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  3. Baulsak49 Says:

    5.5 will be a bit too big and will fail. Just hope I can get by w 4.7. But I wonder if after my first few weeks I might be yearning for a bit closer to 5″. But rest assured, 5.5″ is
    Completely off the mark and won’t really be useful. If they were brilliant, they would make a 4.7″ and. 5.0″

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  4. southtx77 Says:

    So, Baulsak49, you say that the 5″ and 5.5″ screens are not useful. Tell that to Samsung who is producing a product that is smashing the mobile phone market. Take for example the Samsung S4 or S5 with a 5″ screen, HUGE success. Now take their business line of the Note series, again another success. Apple make a very good product, but their asking price is to high, just like everything else they sell. I currently run a Note II, but I’m waiting to see what Apple is coming out with on the iPhone 6. It always seems that they are behind the ball against the Android and Windows phones when it comes to features. I just hope that Apple does make some waves with what they offer with the new phone.

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  5. Eric Says:

    4.7 – 5.0 is perfect. I still need to be able to carry it in my pocket. I bought the Ipad air for Christmas, and I’m surprised at how little I use it. I do read books on it, but rarely take it with me somewhere. I have to know I’m going to be trapped somewhere for a period of time & that it has wifi – otherwise I won’t bother since it is too big. My 5s is always with me, just want a bit bigger screen to make reading the news, ect easier.

    5.5? I would have to play with the phone first, I wouldn’t pre-order it. I suspect it will be too big for me, that is if Apple actually offers it.

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  6. Baulsak49 Says:

    @eric Same here. Was a big proponent of the mini and I rarely use mine. I even wonder if like 5.5-6″ would be a good size for a new tablet, but def to big for a phone. Try holding that to ur ear and not getting made fun of. Not possible lol

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