The iPhone 6 News Blog — the first established news blog to cover the news, rumors, and opinions about the iPhone 6!

Let’s face it: technology moves so fast that, before you know it, the “newest thing” is now completely obsolete. That’s why at the iPhone 6 News Blog, we remain committed to covering the iPhone 6. The blog published its first article on March 12th, 2011, making it the first niche blog to begin covering the news, opinions, and rumors surrounding the iPhone 6.

As we move ever-closer to the release of the iPhone 6, you can count on the iPhone 6 News Blog to provide you with the most breaking news stories concerning the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 Blog was establish by the same publishing and editorial team as the iPhone 5 News Blog, which was the first blog to explicitly cover news of the iPhone 5.

Mike Nace is the publisher of the iPhone 6 News Blog, as well as other notable technology blogs, such as the iPhone 5 News Blog, iPhone 5 News Ticker, and iPad 2 News Ticker. You may contact him in the comments section of this page or any blog post, or via the Contact page.


The iPhone 6 News Blog is a website started by Apple and iPhone enthusiasts. We do not “break news” here, nor do we claim to have any inside sources at Apple or any other electronics manufacturer. The iPhone 6 News Blog is a blog that gathers iPhone 6 news from around the internet and processes it fr our readers. Our opinions and views do not necessarily represent the views of Apple or any other brand, company, or product that we discuss in our posts. Any comments left by our readers do not necessarily represent the views of the iPhone 6 News Blog and its writer.

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 Mike Nace — Publisher: Mike has worked for years as a professional writer and marketing consultant for various small businesses around the world. He started the iPhone 5 News Blog in august of 2010 in order to process all of the news and rumors that surfaced about the iPhone 5 almost immediately after the release of the iPhone 4. In addition to serving as publisher, Mike also contributes articles to the blog each week to both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 News Blogs.

Charles Moore — Chief Columnist: Charles is a force to be reckoned with in the world of print and new media. From an interview with him in LowEndMac, “His articles, features, and commentaries have appeared in more than 40 magazines, newspapers and websites in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia. . . a columnist for The Halifax Daily News and the Saint John Telegraph Journal, Atlantic Fisherman, and news editor and columnist for, a columnist and contributing editor for MacOpinion and PBCentral, as well as writing for Low End Mac.” Charles contributes regularly to the iPhone News Blog properties.

Sven Rafferty — Columnist: Sven Rafferty is a writer for the iPhone 5 News Blog and the Editor In Chief of, a leading technology news source and blog. He contributes occasionally to the iPhone News Blogs.

Anna Tan — Columnist: Anna runs a popular YouTube channel and is an accomplished tech lifestyle blogger and blogger, bringing a fresh, fun voice to the tech news of the day.

MissP — Columnist: MissP is a tech blogger and vlogger who covers a wide range of different tech topics, from Apple to Android to video games and beyond.