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iphone 6 fingerprint scanner

A new Apple job posting suggests that Cupertino is beginning to work with fingerprint scanner technology, heavily rumored for the iPhone 5S. But if Apple is

hiring techs for this technology now, it’s more likely that biometric technology will arrive on next year’s iPhone 6 instead.

The reading of the Apple tea leaves is part intrigue, part insanity. Every year, we engage in the pastime of scrutinizing Apple marketing collateral, job postings, and quirks on the apple.com website as indicators of future Apple events. It’s not entirely our fault; the Steve Jobs era of Apple did plenty to instill this fervor. But it’s now a much more sober company under the direction of Tim Cook — yet we as a rumor mill still continue analyze patents, job postings, and innuendo, and imagine that they prognosticate the short-term future of Apple products like the iPhone.

Silly us.

This past week, we had another one of those Apple job postings that has the rumor mill alight, with the media pointing to it as proof positive that the iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint scanner. But given what we know already about the iPhone 5S — and the way Apple does things — does the job posting actually make more sense in suggesting fingerprint scanner tech for the iPhone 6 in 2014 instead? Read More


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iPhone 6

A financial analyst with Barclays believes that the iPhone 6 will launch in 2013 along with the iPhone 5S — and that it will be the long-rumored budget iPhone, not an overhaul of the iPhone 5.

We may have just heard the final possible variation in the exponentially increasing iPhone rumor mill for 2013, which now suggests that the iPhone 6 will indeed launch in 2013, along with the iPhone 5S. But the real kicker? The iPhone 6 won’t be the large-screened overhaul that many are anticipating, but rather the el cheap-o iPhone that some believe Apple must produce in order to remain competitive in the smartphone market. Read More


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iPhone 5S Reportedly In Pre-Production For Q1 2013 Release

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 5S on Monday Nov 12, 2012

An unlikely report claims that Apple is already testing and pre-produing iPhone 5S units for a release sometime in the first quarter of 2013. Could Apple do with the iPhone what it just did with the iPads 3 and 4?

If you’re a perennial iPhone rumor mill follower, then you know that now is precisely when we’ll start hearing the “early release” rumors about the next iPhone. We had it as far back as the late summer of 2010, when on the hells of the iPhone 4′s release, we were already hearing about an iPhone 5 by Christmas of that year.

We can look back and laugh about that now. Read More


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Opinion: A LiquidMetal iPhone 6 Seems Like a Virtual Lock

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 Opinion on Friday Sep 21, 2012

LiquidMetal iPhone 6

With the new iPhone debuting a cool aluminum back, as well as Apple re-upping its licensing agreement with LiquidMetal technologies for another two years, it would appear that we can expect the next-generation alloy to be used on the iPhone 6.

LiquidMetal Technologies certainly did their part in 2012 to ratchet up speculation that their ingenious metal alloy would make it onto an Apple product. After a late-breaking press release on the day of the iPad 3 that suggested LiquidMetal may have been secretly used in its form factor — a short-lived rumor, to be sure — to several reports out of Asia that LiquidMetal would be used on the iPhone 5′s metal back, the Delaware-based company enjoyed stock surges and plenty of tech news cycles where their name was excitedly bandied about.

In the end, the iPhone 5 of course only used basic aluminum for its back. That being said, however, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that Apple has LiquidMetal in mind for the iPhone 6. Read More


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