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Beware the “Ives” of March?

Hello, fellow iPhone 6′ers! Can you believe that we actually made it to yet another iPhone announcement? The iPhone 6 is one of those long- and oft-rumored Apple devices that goes so far back that I think we can all remember when it was discussed as only being just one model. Now, however, we’re living in the post-Steve Jobs era, where anything goes, and we ended up with a hardcore iPhone lover’s dream: a really big iPhone 6 phablet. After rolling out two sizes of an overhauled iPhone 6, no one will be able to complain about the iPhone.

. . . but of course, people still will.

There’s no sense in me rehashing all of the new specs, since the major tech news organizations have already that heavy lifting. Thus, what is there to write about? Well, for one, what about Apple’s decision to once again go back to the well and do a dual release, with the add-on of announcing the also-long-rumored Apple Watch? A triple announcement definitely favors the consumer, but will it also favor the company?

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iphone 6 battery life

If you go by the prevailing rumors, the iPhone 6 is about to get a lot bigger. Should the prospect of a dual-release iPhone 6, complete with a 4.7-inch standard model and 5.5-inch pro supplemental model prove true, a swath of serious mobile users clamoring for years for a big-screened iPhone will no longer have anything to carp about — at least not about the display.

While the display is probably going to get bigger, new rumors suggest that the iPhone 6 battery may remain relatively similar in capacity to that of the 5S, fueling fears of battery drain issues.

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UPDATE: New iPhone 6 Mockup Walks Back Fugly Form Factor Fears

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Friday Jul 4, 2014

new iphone 6 mockup

Were the early renderings of the iPhone 6 based on leaked schematics a glimpse into a device that had lost touch with Apple’s iconic aesthetics, or a mere “ugly duckling” that will blossom into a swan by summer’s end, when Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils the new device on stage in Cupertino? Earlier in the week, BGR-obtained mock-ups of the iPhone 6 suggested a truly fugly, new iPhone that would be too homely to sport the Apple logo. However, late-breaking glimpses at the rounded glass of the iPhone 6′s screen, together with some new renderings, have BGR’s Zach Epstein changing his tune.

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The Ugly Truth: Leaked iPhone 6 Is Fugly

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Monday Jun 30, 2014
ugly iphone 6 mockup

“iPhone 6, you UGLY, boi!”

For those who hungered and thirsted in vein for glimpses at the upcoming iPhones during the Jobsian era at Apple, the thinly-veiled marketing gambit of drip-advertising the new iPhone via leaks alla Tim Cook is a welcome spin of the old iPhone rumor mill. Now, we are treated to the new iPhone before it drops. And that’s a good thing — I guess.

What isn’t a good thing? When the leaked images of the iPhone 6 show it to be an ugly mess. And that’s exactly what the tech media is beginning to sound off about. Read More


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iphone 6 phablet

The iPhone is among the most expensive smartphones in the world today. Read how the advent of a phablet version of the iPhone 6 could help its “smaller” counterpart to have a smaller price tag as well.

For iPhone consumers — particularly in the U.S. where subsidized iPhone purchases are quite common — the overall price point of Apple’s flagship smartphone is typically not much of an issue. For $100-200 bucks, users can usually onboard onto the new iPhone, and subsume the rest of the phone’s cost into a contract renewal. However, with each passing year, unlocked iPhones purchased at full continue to be of increasing interest to users who see the value in paying upfront for the device, and thus having more control over the back-end pricing.

Now, with the iPhone 6, consumers might have the opportunity to purchase the smartphone at a lower price than the current iPhone 5S. Read More


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mobile gamingWith rumors that the 2014 iPhone 6 will come in two sizes, sporting a 4.7-inch model and 5.2-inch “phablet,” one would think that complex strategy games would fit the new dimensions. Read how the prevailing trend for the iPhone and Android phones still seems to be simple, short attention span games.

When you look back into the history of digital gaming, you’ll note that it didn’t take long for video games to become increasingly complex and non-linear in their formats. While the old-school arcade games were designed to be the type tat required players to feed them with quarters in order to continue to play, home game consoles alla Atari and Nintendo quickly developed games that the user could invest in over the long haul. Anyone old enough to remember the first Legend of Zelda will recall the expansive map that the gas came with, and how you really needed it to traverse the world that the game offered.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and now mobile devices such as the iPhone offers considerably more processing and graphics power for gaming than anything from the distant past. And yet, even as the rumors for a larger-screened iPhone 6 would suggest that gamers will now have a much larger screen to play increasingly more complex games on the go, mobile gaming seems to be going in quite the opposite direction.

When Angry Birds first debuted, it was heralded as the new “Super Mario Brothers” franchise for the video game world. However, the Super Mario Games have always been immersive ages that deeply involve the gamer. Angry Birds bears little resemblance: you can play it while waiting for a bus or train, and turn it off in an instant, thanks to its short gaming “set pieces.” In point of fact, the most a person will ever have to spend on Angry Birds in one setting will be the Angry Birds movie, once it is released.

It seems that, instead of more complex games becoming popular, the extra dimension being added into the mobile gaming experience has to do with the addition of a social networking piece. For example, games like the Slotomania free video slots games are in themselves simple games that can be played at virtually any time on an iPhone. However, what makes a game like this more interesting to gamers isn’t so much the game itself, but the social network that surrounds it. In this way, social media has become a kind of “meta game” unto itself.

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Possible early glimpses into the rumored iPhone 6, as well as new claims that september 19th could be the launch date, are not entirely dissimilar to the arc of last year’s 5S/5C release.

It’s easy to forget, but the past two years — which mark the end of the Steve Jobs era and the beginning of Tim Cook’s vision for the company — have been markedly different in how the releases of the new iPhones is usually handled. The ultra-secret, cryptic underpinnings of the Jobsian iPhone models are nothing like what we were treated to with the iPhone 5, namely, leaked images of the new models months before their official unveiling, and a newly-established late summer/early fall release window. Read More


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