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iPhone 6 Phablet Rumored to Be Delayed Due To Battery Design Issues

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Rumors on Wednesday Apr 23, 2014

iphone 6 phablet

The iPhone rumor mill persists in claiming that Apple will once again fragment their iPhone line by offering the iPhone 6 in both a 4.7/4.8-inch version — a marked increase in display size from the current models — as well as a massive, 5.5-inch iPhone 6 “phablet.” While the debate rages on whether or not Apple will really follow through with this R&D move for the next iPhone, the discussion may prove to be moot, since new rumors suggest that the latter, larger iPhone 6 may be delayed until as late as 2015, due to do battery design issues. Read More


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Two Versions of iPhone 6 Filling Rumor Mill

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Rumors on Sunday Apr 13, 2014

iphone 6 two models

Last year, we had Apple’s first foray into a dual-release iPhone, with the premium iPhone 5S sharing the stage with the mid-priced iPhone 5C. Well, we all know how that little experiment turned out — while for years the iPhone rumor mill had clamored for such a release event, in the end, Tim Cook’s gambit to supercharge iPhone sales with double the iPhone goodness was an epic fail.

However, according to the latest rumors, Apple is set to try the dual-release strategy all over again — this time with screen sizes.

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Purported iPhone 6 Case Mold Suggests Bigger Display, Same Overall Specs

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Rumors on Wednesday Mar 26, 2014

iphone 6 case

The notion of handicapping the next iPhone based on early case designs has never been a winning strategy for the iPhone rumor mill. And yet, each year, we seem to come back to the same kind of story, where el cheap-o iPhone cases leak and the tech media pours over them, looking to read the tea leaves on what these phantom cases may r may not tell us about the upcoming iPhone. In the case of the iPhone 6, the prevailing theme has been screen size (as usual) and whether or not Apple will make good on finally expanding the display past the 5-inch mark.

The newly leaked image of an iPhone 6 case, as pictured above, has people buzzing because it presents a possibly plausible set of specs for the iPhone 6, in that the device would appear to be markedly larger, with an even longer display than on the current iPhone 5S and 5C, but with a width that is not entirely dissimilar from the traditional iPhone specs. It is this middle-of-the-road design that makes Apple enthusiasts and the tech media alike pause and wonder if the case could in fact be a harbinger of what the iPhone 6 will eventually entail.

The case also sports some other key features that could point to the iPhone 6′s final design, namely, a thinner bezel on the sides of the screen — as already suggested by previous rumors — and a new position for the light sensor, which appears above the ear speaker.

All of these feature tweaks and specs are easy enough for anyone to mock up into a fake iPhone 6 case mold. We’ve seen in the past that cynical folks are willing to fabricate iPhone news in order to make headlines and drive heavy web traffic. That is most likely the case in this new story, particularly since the iPhone 6 rumor mill has been more anemic than those of the past three iPhone iterations. This being said, the iPhone 6 case could be both a fake and accurate to what Apple will eventually unveil next Fall. It very well may be a good guess at how they will straddle the call for a larger screen while still keeping the iPhone dimensions that separate it from the rest of the pack.


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iphone 6 screen with no bezel

Time and time again, we’ve seen a mix of questionable rumored iPhone parts hit the rumor mill well before the official release of the new smartphone. In recent years, these leaks have become increasingly authentic and accurate. All of this comes to bear on the newly-leaked image above, which purports to show an iPhone 6 screen with no bezel.

If the screen is authentic, then it is bad news for iPhone enthusiasts who are calling for a new screen size that approaches 5 inches.

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Rumors Pushing For July iPhone 6 Release

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Rumors on Sunday Mar 2, 2014

iPhone 6 release in the summer

It should never come as a surprise that the iPhone rumor mill suggests eyebrow-raising release date rumors. Some of them have been downright delusional in the past, such as the August iPhone release date rumor, which, in round robin form, seems to repeat each year. This year, however, the iPhone 6 has already been predicted to have been released — or at the very least, release in the spring — rumors that have already been exploded.

A new rumor, however, pegs the iPhone 6 release date for July — a timeframe that would bring it back in line with pre-iPhone 4S releases. Is there any validity or possibility of such as release?

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Quantum Dots Rumored For iPhone 6 Display

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 News, iPhone 6 Rumors on Wednesday Feb 26, 2014

quantum dots and iPhone 6

Quantum dots” — much like “LiquidMetal,” it’s one of those cool yet nebulous technological terms that often seem to find their way into iPhone discussions. While we’ve been waiting for LiquidMetal to make an appearance on the iPhone for years now (above and beyond the little tool to remove sim cards), quantum dots technology is, in spite of its futuristic name, an up-and-coming technology that could very well find its way onto the iPhone 6.

According to a recent report from Business Insider India, the reason for the quantum dots excitement has to do with the fact that 1) the technology is coming into maturity, and 2) Apple has already patented some ideas around quantum dots that would make sense for the iPhone 6 Just as AMOLED has been seen for a long time as next-generation technology for mobile displays, so too could quantum dots be used to take screen resolution and color to a whole new level.

So, what are quantum dots? Read More


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Substantial Camera Improvement Rumored for iPhone 6

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Rumors on Saturday Feb 8, 2014

iphone 6 camera

Rumors of a “locked down” 4.8-inch iPhone 6 display have dominated the rumor mill for some months now, as Apple enthusiasts being to settle in on the belief that the next iPhone will finally deliver on the big, bold screen that many people have demanded for years. To be sure, if Apple does manage to beef up the display size on the iPhone 6, it will be a big story, and while the form factor may remain largely the same, new screen dimensions will give the new iPhone a distinct look for the rest of the roster — particularly if they lose the elongated aspect ratio and go with a more Android-esque shape.

It remains to be seen (at least in my view) that we’ll end up with a display that big — when does Apple ever give us exactly what we wish for? — but assuming this feature is in the bag, what else can we expect from the iPhone 6? Read More


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