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Apple’s Pfabulous Phablet And The 64-Bit Advantage; Is It Enough?

Posted by Charles Moore under Uncategorized on Thursday Sep 11, 2014

“Seldom have so many waited so breathlessly for so little,” tweeted veteran business journalist and Seeking Alpha blogger Dana Blankenhorn (http://www.danablankenhorn.com), commenting on Tuesday’s Apple announcements. Atlanta-based Blenkenhorn is bearish on Apple, but he had a point. My own dominant impression was: “no surprises.” However, that’s more observation than complaint. As one who follows every tidbit of intelligence that emerges in the rumor stream for months preceding Apple product announcements, I can hardly object when the scuttlebutt turns out to be largely accurate, which it was in this instance.

iphon66Photo Courtesy Apple

Mobile payments, iOS 8, A-8 system on chip (SoC), 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays, upgraded cameras, and so forth, had already been baked into expectations of Apple-watchers. Hearing the official word from Apple was more confirmation of what we were pretty confident we already knew, not so much breaking news. Even the iPhone 6 Sapphire Screen no-show had been pretty much discounted by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and others for several weeks now.

iphone66+frPhoto Courtesy Apple

Not to say that the iPhone 6 and 6+ don’t represents a solid and substantial upgrade. However, features like the improved cameras (still just 8 megapixels for the rear-facing unit but video at 1080p and a slow-motion)option at 240 fps) and a 25 percent faster processor (still dual-core and reportedly still just 1 GB of RAM) are more evolutionary than revolutionary, but not unwelcome. Apple Pay sounds promising, and is reportedly expected to add $billions to Apple’s balance sheet from transaction fees, but it’s not re-invention of the wheel. the biggest story is the availability of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, but we all expected that.


Photo Courtesy Apple

However, the iPhone 6 and 6+ with their A8 SoCs, believed to be built with Taiwan Semiconductor’s state of the art 20nm fabrication process, help maintain and advance the iPhone’s technology advantage of offering 64-bit mobile processors combined with a true 64-bit operating system across the board.

iphone6colorsPhoto Courtesy Apple

Apple claimed in their iPhone 6 presentation that the A8 has twice the number of transistors, and that the iPhone 6 is 25 percent faster than the than the already very lively A7, even though it’s 13 percent smaller and about 50 percent more energy-efficient. However, AnandTech says the iPhone 6 is also said to offer 84x the GPU performance of the iPhone 1, and observes that while last year Apple said the A7 offered 56x the iPhone 1’s performance, we can accurately infer that the A8 must be 1.5x faster.

Whatever, the iPhone 6/6+ can be safely assumed to be a speedy performer. It’s a bit disappointing that a rumoured increase of RAM capacity from 1 GB to 2 GB didn’t materialize, especially casting an eye ahead to the next iPad, where it’s more of an issue. However, 1 GB combined with the A8′s enhanced computing power should be ample for smartphones.

iphone62Photo Courtesy Apple

Is the iPhone 6 enough? I expect it will prove to be plenty to revivify iPhone sales quite handily and even claw back some market share. Apple has now erased the screen size advantage Android competitors have enjoyed for the past couple of years as phablet popularity gained traction, and recent surveys indicate that large-screen units will be the hottest-selling smartphone category for the foreseeable future (another thing, like 7-inch tablets, that the late Steve Jobs wasn’t quite right about, with Apple now well-armed to enter the phablet fray.

A solid triple-base hit for Apple, but IMHO short of a home run.


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iPhone 6 Overhaul Could Be Predicated On NFC Rollout

Posted by Michael Nace under Uncategorized on Wednesday May 21, 2014

But the better part of the current iPhone 6 rumor cycle, the most anticipated, new feature for the next iPhone is clearly its screen size. While it’s not new, hardcore iPhone users are calling on Cupertino to match the sprawling, beefy screens of premium Android-based smartphones, with rumors leading users to believe that Apple even has an iPhone 6 with two different screen sizes in the production pipeline.

Of course, a larger screen is a perennial rumor for an new iPhone, and after apple likely lets down a portion of the iPhone demographic once again with a screen that simply isn’t big enough for them, we’ll most likely play the game next year. Eventually, Apple will need to make an iPhone the size of a big-screen plasma TV to satisfy the masses.

In the meantime, another perennial rumored feature for the iPhone — Near-Field Communication, or “NFC” for short — is also making its way into the reportage for the iPhone 6. This time, even the Wall Streets analysts are calling for it, and predicting that Apple might be ready to throw down the gauntlet in the mobile payments sphere. Read More


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iphone 6 in two sizesRumors for the new iPhone 6 come and go, but what seems to remain throughout all of the reporting is that the iPhone 6′s overhauled design will focus on a larger screen. In fact, rumors have persisted that Apple is working on not one, but two different iPhone 6 models — one that will feature a 4.7-inch display, and another that could max out at 5.5 inches. Generally speaking, the call for a larger display on the iPhone is a result of the fact that Cupertino has been reluctant to expand the screen size at the same pace of competing Android devices. For whatever reason, the current iPhone display, which measures just about 4 inches, is markedly lower than the phablet-sized Android smartphones it competes against.

iPhone users want a larger screen for watching video, taking pictures, typing on-screen, and maneuvering between apps. However, lost in the conversation about a larger-screened iPhone 6 is also how the new screen specs could impact online gaming.

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A7 Chip To Debut On iPhone 6 In 2014, Analysts Say

Posted by Michael Nace under Uncategorized on Sunday Apr 14, 2013

A7 chip on iPhone 6

A refreshed iPhone 5S this year will most likely be thin on hardware upgrades, but an easy, consistent assumption that Apple will bump up the processor to the A7 chip. However, recent reports suggest that the A7 chip may be slated for the iPhone 6 in 2014. Read More


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Welcome to the iPhone 6 News Blog!

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 News, Uncategorized on Saturday Mar 12, 2011

Looking for news about the iPhone 6? Wow — you’re really ahead of the curve, aren’t you? Well, the good news is that we’re as excited about the iPhone 6 as you are. In fact, we at the iPhone 6 News Blog registered before any other niche tech website out there, making us the first blog to exclusively covers the new, rumors, and opinions surrounding the iPhone 6!

To be sure, other top tech websites and blogs will cover the iPhone 6 news and rumors as well. But all of those tech websites are simply re-active. We at the iPhone 6 News Blog take a pro-active approach to covering the next-generation iPhone 6.
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