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Users Report Widespread Issues With New iOS 7 Update

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 News, iPhone 6 Opinion on Sunday Mar 16, 2014

ios 7 updateAfter Apple missed iPhone sales expectations by as many as 4 million in the company’s last financial report to Wall Street, the company — and CEO Tim Cook in particular — could ill afford to suffer another setback for their popular yet increasingly embattled mobile device line-ups. And yet, with the launch of the recent version of iOS 7, users are reporting a bevy of negative side effects that could further erode people’s confidence in Cupertino’s iDevices. Read More


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iphone 6 screen with no bezel

Time and time again, we’ve seen a mix of questionable rumored iPhone parts hit the rumor mill well before the official release of the new smartphone. In recent years, these leaks have become increasingly authentic and accurate. All of this comes to bear on the newly-leaked image above, which purports to show an iPhone 6 screen with no bezel.

If the screen is authentic, then it is bad news for iPhone enthusiasts who are calling for a new screen size that approaches 5 inches.

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Rumors Pushing For July iPhone 6 Release

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Rumors on Sunday Mar 2, 2014

iPhone 6 release in the summer

It should never come as a surprise that the iPhone rumor mill suggests eyebrow-raising release date rumors. Some of them have been downright delusional in the past, such as the August iPhone release date rumor, which, in round robin form, seems to repeat each year. This year, however, the iPhone 6 has already been predicted to have been released — or at the very least, release in the spring — rumors that have already been exploded.

A new rumor, however, pegs the iPhone 6 release date for July — a timeframe that would bring it back in line with pre-iPhone 4S releases. Is there any validity or possibility of such as release?

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iphone 6 sapphire glass

Did we really need this complex analysis to determine that the iPhone 6 wouldn’t be released in May?

Apparently so.

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Quantum Dots Rumored For iPhone 6 Display

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 News, iPhone 6 Rumors on Wednesday Feb 26, 2014

quantum dots and iPhone 6

Quantum dots” — much like “LiquidMetal,” it’s one of those cool yet nebulous technological terms that often seem to find their way into iPhone discussions. While we’ve been waiting for LiquidMetal to make an appearance on the iPhone for years now (above and beyond the little tool to remove sim cards), quantum dots technology is, in spite of its futuristic name, an up-and-coming technology that could very well find its way onto the iPhone 6.

According to a recent report from Business Insider India, the reason for the quantum dots excitement has to do with the fact that 1) the technology is coming into maturity, and 2) Apple has already patented some ideas around quantum dots that would make sense for the iPhone 6 Just as AMOLED has been seen for a long time as next-generation technology for mobile displays, so too could quantum dots be used to take screen resolution and color to a whole new level.

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For hardcore Apple users, the iPhone 6 may very well deliver on a long-time desire for a much bigger display. After being at the top of many users’ wish lists for the past few years, finally getting the Phone 6 to boast a screen in the vicinity of competing devices, such as the Galaxy S and HTC One, would be a catharsis.

Apple has been reluctant to grow the screen size, following in the ideological footsteps of the late Steve Jobs, who felt as thought the original Phone’s screen dimensions were optimal for a smartphone. The elongation of the iPhone 5′s screen in 2012 — the sale aspect ratio that carried over to the iPhone 5S and 5C — appeared to be a kind of meeting point between users’ desires and Cupertino developers.

But it still wasn’t enough for many.

Now, with rumors of an iPhone 6 that will sport at least a 4.8-inch screen — a rumor that Apple has not appeared to attempt to mitigate yet (as we have seen them do in the post-Steve Jobs era) — the conceptual artistes are coming out of the woodwork, giving us renderings of what it could like. The question is, would Apple ever build it this way?

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The iPhone 4 Returneth (To India)

Posted by Michael Nace under Apple News on Saturday Feb 8, 2014


The iPhone 4 hasn’t made headlines since the 2010-2011 season, when it exploded onto the scene and led the iPhone franchise into a new era of success. Since then, the bloodline of iPhones that came after the iPhone 4 have been fraught with high sales and mixed emotions. However, the iPhone 4 arguably remained a viable, solid, premium smartphone from its debut in 2010 until 2013, when it was finally phased out to make room for the iPhone 5C, with the 4S taking over as Apple’s budget model.

However, a new report indicates that Apple has fired up production for the iPhone 4 once again in Asia, with plans to reintroduce it into markets like India n the wake of the iPhone 5C’s epic fail.

Thus, the iPhone 4 returneth. Sort of.

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