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iphone 6 fingerprint scanner

A new Apple job posting suggests that Cupertino is beginning to work with fingerprint scanner technology, heavily rumored for the iPhone 5S. But if Apple is

hiring techs for this technology now, it’s more likely that biometric technology will arrive on next year’s iPhone 6 instead.

The reading of the Apple tea leaves is part intrigue, part insanity. Every year, we engage in the pastime of scrutinizing Apple marketing collateral, job postings, and quirks on the website as indicators of future Apple events. It’s not entirely our fault; the Steve Jobs era of Apple did plenty to instill this fervor. But it’s now a much more sober company under the direction of Tim Cook — yet we as a rumor mill still continue analyze patents, job postings, and innuendo, and imagine that they prognosticate the short-term future of Apple products like the iPhone.

Silly us.

This past week, we had another one of those Apple job postings that has the rumor mill alight, with the media pointing to it as proof positive that the iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint scanner. But given what we know already about the iPhone 5S — and the way Apple does things — does the job posting actually make more sense in suggesting fingerprint scanner tech for the iPhone 6 in 2014 instead? Read More


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