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New Elongated Screen Could Inspire An iPhone 6 With No Home Button

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Tuesday Oct 9, 2012

iphone 6 with no home buttonThe long-rumored removal of the home button on the iPhone could finally become a reality on the iPhone 6, now that Apple believes that “longer is better” for its aspect ratio.


That’s my not-very-accurate work for the sensation of depressing the iPhone’s home button. For a company that pridefully erased reset and eject buttons from its Mac computers years ago, Apple has steadfastly stood by their positively analog home button, appropriating it once again on the iPhone 5. In spite of the fact that the removal of the home button was an early rumor for the iPhone 5 in 2010-2011, the rumor died quickly once the iPad 3 was released, sporting a home button. You’ll recall that there was a fleeting moment where, thanks to a teaser photo, the iPad 3 appeared to be home button-less.

Not so. And once the iPad 3 launched with a home button, the assumption was that the iPhone 5 would have one, too. And it did.

But the iPhone 5 did offer a brand-new idea on the user interface: an elongated screen. And with this new development, I think that the removal of the home button on the iPhone 6 is now back in play. Read More


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