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2014 iPhone 6 Will Kill The iPhone 5 Overhaul For Good

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Monday Sep 16, 2013

Once the iPhone 6 launches in 2014, we may very well see the end of the iPhone 5 overhaul, currently enshrined in the 5s. The iPhone 4S might even outlive the once-fabled iPhone 5.

Last week, with the launch of the iPhone 5s, he unthinkable became a reality: in one fell swoop, Apple killed the iPhone 5. Sure, the iPhone 5 continues on in the updated form of the 5s, but the iPhone 5 itself has been discontinued, to be replaced by its cheap, plastic, overpriced cousin, the iPhone 5c.

The iPhone 5 wasn’t mothballed because it was a failure. Rather, Apple discontinued it in order to put a bigger gap between the iPhone 5s and 5c. However, with the reshuffling that Cupertino just did — as well as the list of rumored features for the iPhone 6 — there’s enough evidence to suggest that even the iPhone 5s will be killed off by next year. Read More


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Will Apple Address Battery Life On The iPhone 6?

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Tuesday Sep 25, 2012

iphone 6 battery lifeBoth the iPhone 4S and 5 have seen only marginal upgrades in their battery pack, and result has been decreasing battery life for mobile users. Will Cupertino make improved battery life a priority on the iPhone 6?

For those of us who have been following iPhone 5 rumors, the final announcement and release of the official iPhone 5 this moth was a catharsis — a reckoning of sorts for enthusiasts who have been waiting for over two years for this revolutionary smartphone to make its way onto the tech scene. Whether or not you’re satisfied with the new specs of the iPhone 5, there is one feature that has still yet to be upgraded by any large margin — the battery.

In fact the battery on the iPhone has only been marginally upgraded since the iPhone 4. Read More


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iPhone 6, GS4 Will Compete Over NFC, Not Screen Size

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Tuesday Sep 18, 2012

iphone 6 nfcWith the iPhone 5′s new elongated screen, Apple has managed to separate itself from Samsung’s Galaxy S. 2013′s iPhone 6 and GS4 won’t battle over screen size, but rather over next-generation features, such as NFC.

Over the long, 2+ wait for the iPhone 5, no other feature was mulled over more than the screen size. Burning for a larger screen, iPhone users lamented Apple’s lag in finally expanding the iPhone’s standard screen size, which Steve Jobs was quite fond of. In the end, the new iPhone delivered a middling compromise — longer but not wider — which obviously sought to satisfy a design compromise, and give consumers an alternative to the more mini tablet-like displays of the iPhone’s chief competitor: the Samsung Galaxy series.

(I suspect the choice of a longer-but-not-wider screen for the new iPhone had a lot to do with the impending iPad Mini, and Cupertino trying to differentiate between their two screen dimensions.)

To be sure, there is a subset of the smartphone user populace who aren’t at all happy with the iPhone 5′s elongated screen, feeling as though “longer” doesn’t really equate to “larger” in the absence of a proportional expansion of the screen dimension. But if you find yourself among those who are still hoping that the iPhone 6 could deliver a more GS3-like screen size, I wouldn’t hold your breath. In fact, I don’t think that the 2013 iPhone 6/Samsung Galaxy S IV match-up is going to be about screen sizes at all. Read More


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iPhone 6 in 2013 . . . Or 2014

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Saturday Dec 10, 2011

In spite of the fact that the 2012 iPhone will be Apple’s sixth generation smartphone, there is a higher likelihood that they will opt to call it iPhone 5. But read why we might not see an iPhone 6 until 2014.

Chances are, if you’re a passionate iPhone users who knows the ins and outs of Apple’s flagship mobile device, then you’re also one of the ones out there who argue that Apple should skip the name “iPhone 5” and head directly to “iPhone 6.” If you’re smart, then you know that the current iPhone 4S is in fact the fifth generation iPhone, and because of this, it would be inaccurate to call the next iPhone “iPhone 5.” And you would be right.

But you would also be wrong. Read More


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The tech media and iPhone users alike anticipated an iPhone 5 in 2011. But now that the 4S has been injected into the iPhone’s legacy, questions remains about whether the 2012 iPhone will be iPhone 5 or iPhone 6.

Speculating and prognosticating about the iPhone has quickly become a pastime in the tech blogosphere, with websites like DigiTimes leaking just enough bits of information throughout the course of the year to fuel a wide range of rumors about the next iPhone’s features and release date. 2011 marked a fever pitch of rumors that ubiquitously became known as the “iPhone 5 rumor mill,” with the “iPhone 5″ as the working title for what everyone expected the next iPhone to be named. Read More


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iphone 6In spite of the fact that the iPhone 5 is stated to be released at the end of the summer, tech analysts and bloggers still cannot accept the logic that a September release for the iPhone 6 and beyond may be “the new normal” for iPhone releases.

Take a landmark mobile device like the iPhone and release it every year at the same time, and very quickly you get millions and millions of “iPhone junkies” who rely on the clockwork iPhone release schedule to keep their tech-filled lives in healthy equilibrium.

But Apple’s decision to delay the usual release of the iPhone 5 — extending it months beyond the usual announcement at the WWDC, has left iPhone users and tech pundits feeling angry, frustrated, and lost. It would seem that an entire generation of iPhone 3Gs users, who purposely skipped over the iPhone 4 in hopes that the iPhone 5 would be a groundbreaking device, have had their patience frayed to the max, with some iPhone users even jumping ship for the iPhone 5′s natural rival, the Samsung Galaxy S II.
Read More


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iPhone 6 A6 processoriPad 2 users are raving about the speed and agility of the A5 chip, and iPhone users are excited about the prospects of an A5-equipped iPhone 5. But new rumors suggest that a bigger, better A6 chip is coming to the iPhone 6 in 2012.

Apple has been diligent in continuing to beef up its mobile processing power, rolling out the famed A5 chip in 2011, debuting on the iPad 2. Given the impressive performance of the iPad 2 to date, iPhone users are excited to experience the A5 chip, together with iOS 5, in the new iPhone 5, which is rumored to debut in the Fall of 2011. Read More


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