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iphone 6 fingerprint scanner

A new Apple job posting suggests that Cupertino is beginning to work with fingerprint scanner technology, heavily rumored for the iPhone 5S. But if Apple is

hiring techs for this technology now, it’s more likely that biometric technology will arrive on next year’s iPhone 6 instead.

The reading of the Apple tea leaves is part intrigue, part insanity. Every year, we engage in the pastime of scrutinizing Apple marketing collateral, job postings, and quirks on the apple.com website as indicators of future Apple events. It’s not entirely our fault; the Steve Jobs era of Apple did plenty to instill this fervor. But it’s now a much more sober company under the direction of Tim Cook — yet we as a rumor mill still continue analyze patents, job postings, and innuendo, and imagine that they prognosticate the short-term future of Apple products like the iPhone.

Silly us.

This past week, we had another one of those Apple job postings that has the rumor mill alight, with the media pointing to it as proof positive that the iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint scanner. But given what we know already about the iPhone 5S — and the way Apple does things — does the job posting actually make more sense in suggesting fingerprint scanner tech for the iPhone 6 in 2014 instead? Read More


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iPhone 6 Fingerprint Scanner

A respected financial tech analyst is predicting that the 2013 iPhone will feature the long-rumored fingerprint/biometrics security scanner. Even if this is the case, it’s hard to believe that we’ll see something like that on the iPhone 6 (or 5S) unless iWallet is also released.

It’s hard to keep all of the swirling 2013 iPhone rumors in line, what with some sites referring to it as the “iPhone 5S” and others the “iPhone 6.” Here at the iPhone 6 News Blog, we are going on the assumption (yes, a mere assumption — certainly no hard evidence to back it up) that Apple will release a refreshed iPhone 5S this year and an overhauled iPhone 6 in 2014. Thus, the focus of this blog is on what the next overhauled iPhone might feature.

And, to be sure, it certainly could feature the long-anticipated fingerprint scanner as a next-generation security measure, ostensible as a complement to the eventual release of iWallet. The thing is, one of those crazy tech analysts is saying that the fingerprint scanner is coming this year. Read More


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iphone 6 and 5S components

A new set of fuzzy photos featuring components purported to be for the iPhone 6 and 5S fits into the latest rumors that Apple plans on a larger-screened “phablet” iPhone, as well as “el cheap-o” version for the developing world.

I’ve always been both skeptical and resentful of the obligatory “iPhone block speaker parts leak photos,” which have become a kind of tired convention in the iPhone rumor mills. Rarely corroborated, never challenged, these fuzzy photos seem to appear long before the launch of the real production ramp-up for the next iPhone, and they always look essentially the same. They seem easy to fake, easy to Photoshop — and the photo above is no exception.

With that being said, let’s go through the motions, since this is, after, all the iPhone 6 News Blog. Read More


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iphone 6 concept design
iPhone rumor mills need a keyword to mill around. But is “iPhone 6” the right choice for the next iPhone?

It may seem like a distant memory now, but do you remember all of the conjecture surrounding the name of the 2011 and 2012 iPhone releases? funny how quickly forget: the subject of iPhone taxonomy was a heated one. In 2012, there was a camp of bloggers and commenters who insisted that the sixth-generation iPhone would necessarily need to be named “iPhone 6,” and that Apple would skip over the iPhone 5 in order to remain in line with the proper iterations.

While there very well may have been a corresponding camp at the Cupertino campus who felt the same way, the Apple marketing department would have none of it: as a keyword, “iPhone 5″ had way too much buzz attached to it. As a result, Apple cashed in on that keyword — and the iPhone taxonomy went out the window. Read More


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Samsung GS4 Rumors May Give Hints To Rival iPhone 6

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion, iPhone 6 Rumors on Monday Oct 29, 2012

gs4 versus iPhone 6

With the iPhone 5 having just been released, details about the features and release date of the iPhone 6 are distant at best. But with rumored specs of Samsung’s next GS4 beginning to surface, there may be more hints as to how Apple will compete with the 4th generation Galaxy S.

When it comes to prognosticating the iPhone 6, we’re probably getting ahead of ourselves; given the release pattern that is currently developing with iPhone iterations, there is more of a chance that we will see a refreshed iPhone 5S in 2013 than a full-fledged iPhone 6. Most likely, the 6 will be saved until 2014, and get a complete external makeover. Read More


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Will 2013 Bring Us iPhone 5S Or iPhone 6?

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Monday Sep 17, 2012

Despite the fact that the iPhone 5 is a feature-rich hardware overhaul, some big, rumored features have still yet to arrive onto the iPhone. Will groundbreaking new features spur Apple to release another overhauled iPhone in 2013, or simply a refreshed iPhone 5S?

One of the things that Apple enthusiasts are always looking for are patterns: patterns that give consumers a clue as to what Apple might do next with its extremely popular mobile devices alla the iPhone and iPad. In one way, the prognosticating of future Apple releases has become a kind of tech pastime — a fun, exciting diversion that keeps people guessing and getting incrementally more psyched as the clock counts down to the next release. And on a pragmatic side, the prospect of new designs and features helps users decide if they are going to buy a new iPhone now, or wait until the next one.

Unfortunately, finding clues to patterns in Apple’s release schedule are hard to unearth.

However, a pattern is beginning to emerge: Apple may now be resigned to staggering its iPhone overhauls with incremental refreshes. A pattern seems to be developing: 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 . . . and in 2013 — iPhone 5S?

Not necessarily.

There are two key outstanding issues with the iPhone as it currently stands that will ultimately determine if the 2013 iPhone is a 5S or 6. Read More


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iPhone 6 in 2013 . . . Or 2014

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Saturday Dec 10, 2011

In spite of the fact that the 2012 iPhone will be Apple’s sixth generation smartphone, there is a higher likelihood that they will opt to call it iPhone 5. But read why we might not see an iPhone 6 until 2014.

Chances are, if you’re a passionate iPhone users who knows the ins and outs of Apple’s flagship mobile device, then you’re also one of the ones out there who argue that Apple should skip the name “iPhone 5” and head directly to “iPhone 6.” If you’re smart, then you know that the current iPhone 4S is in fact the fifth generation iPhone, and because of this, it would be inaccurate to call the next iPhone “iPhone 5.” And you would be right.

But you would also be wrong. Read More


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