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Will The iPhone 6 Be The First “iPhone Air?”

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Sunday Nov 3, 2013

iphone 6 - iphone air

The launch of the iPad 5 under the new “iPad Air” moniker took many consumers by pleasant surprise. Will we see Apple rebrand the iPhone 6 in 2014 as the “iPhone Air?

One thing that Apple is really good at doing is branding. Much like how Xerox managed to make its own brand name a ubiquitous verb for photocopying in the early days of that technology, so has Apple been able to make “iPhone,” “iPad,” “Mac,” and many of its other technologies part of the technological lexicon. One of these has been the “Air.” The MacBook Air came to replace the standard “MacBook” and characterized Apple’s ongoing dedication (fixation?) with making mobile computing devices increasingly thinner, slimmer, lighter, etc.

Give the trend with the current iPad Air, one wonders: will we see the rise of the “iPhone Air” next year? Read More


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iPhone 6 Concept Shows Off Shrinking Bezel, Edge-To-Edge Screen

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Rumors on Thursday Sep 26, 2013

iphone 6 concept - edge to edge screen

The iPhone 6 concept artistes are at it again — pumping out new concepts for the 2014 iPhone 6 that continue to push the envelope for a larger screen. This new rendering takes previous concepts one step further, and tried to make good on previous rumors that Apple has prototyped an iPhone 6 with a 4.8-inch screen by shrinking the bezel and dramatically increasing the display vis-a-vis AMOLED technology. Read More


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New iPhone 6 Concept Reveals 5-Inch Display

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Sunday Sep 22, 2013

iPhone 6 with 5-inch display

An impressive, new iPhone 6 concept reveals a 5-inch display along with a form factor that would still be in line with recent iPhone aesthetics.

I cannot think of the last time an iPhone concept really came close to accurately prognosticating an actual iPhone design. The main reason for this is that, as a rule, new iPhone concepts tend to feature the most fanciful rumored features for iPhones which, for the most part, never end up materializing.

This new iPhone 6 concept is probably yet another one of them.

However, iPhone concepts are always fun to check out and opine on — regardless of whether or not they’ll ever become a reality. Kind of like those crazy concept cars you see at auto shows: the car companies never end up making them, but at least it shows us what’s possible. Plus, there are a few details in this iPhone 6 concept that could in fact come true. Read More


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Solar Charging Feature Enters iPhone 6 Rumor Mill

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Rumors on Wednesday Sep 18, 2013

iphone 6 solar charging

The first in what will most likely be a long line of rumors related to the iPhone 6 claims that Apple will make good on several patents related to solar recharging for the iPhone 6.

The notion of a solar charging feature on an iPhone is nothing new; in fact, there are plenty of third-party options out there (like the one pictured above) that give users the ability to charge their iPhone battery with the sun’s rays. None of these products, however, are considered to be viable enough to foster mainstream appeal, and for the most part, solar charging arrays for the iPhone tend to be used more as emergency, last-ditch-effort features for giving just a bit of juice to a dead iPhone.

A new rumor, however, suggests that Apple will change the face of solar charging for smartphones next year by implementing well-establish patents for an iPhone 6 battery that will feature a solar charging panel that actually works. Read More


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Hey Stupid, The iPhone 6 Won’t Be Released On October 15th

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Tuesday Sep 17, 2013
iphone 6

Photo from geek.com

Quietly, a bit of a tradition has begun here at the iPhone 6 News Blog over the 2+ years that it has been in operation: the establishment and continuation of the “Hey Stupid” column.

The “Hey Stupid” headline has, until this point, only been used twice: in April of 2011, we published an article entitled, “Hey Stupid, The iPhone 6 Won’t Be Released in Early 2012,” in response to a widely-circulating rumor claiming such nonsense. Later, we re-commisioned the column in October of 2012 — just after the release of the iPhone 5 — entitled, “Hey Stupid, The iPhone 6 Won’t Be Released In The Spring.”

Now, for a third time, we have the opportunity to once again say, hey Stupid, the iPhone 6 be released on October 15th. Read More


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iPhone 6 wraparound

A new video rendering of an iPhone 6 with wraparound screen as seen in a recent Apple patent is fun — but the design fails to show how a screen on both sides would make any sense.

There is a definite disconnect between the iPhone that we all dream of and the iPhone that Apple designs and manufactures. To give you an idea of how easily bored and fickle we humans are, the general concept of the smartphone is already passé — it isn’t enough that our entire lives seems to focus around these incredible mobile devices. Now — and always — we need the design to go in a new, bold direction. Hence the continuous anticipation and disappointment associated with iPhone releases.

The iPhone community has already given up on the 5S, as we know that it’ll be only an incremental change. A great deal of hope, however, has been invested in the future release of the iPhone 6, ostensibly in 2014. Adding to the mystique is the appearance of an eyebrow-raising Apple patent, which depicts an iPhone form factor with no defined bezel and displays on both sides of the device. The patent has captivated imaginations not only because of its timing — the patent has been filed seemingly with enough time to implement its design in 2014 — but also because the design itself would seem to be possible, thanks to the maturation of flexible AMOLED screen technology, which seems like it’s getting ready to burst onto the smartphone scene.

In prompt fashion, the iPhone mock-up’ers have put together a cool, fun rendering of how this iPhone 6 could look. It’s fun to look at, but did the designers figure out even one practical use for having a screen on the rear side of an iPhone? Read More


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iPhone 6 in 2013 . . . Or 2014

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Opinion on Saturday Dec 10, 2011

In spite of the fact that the 2012 iPhone will be Apple’s sixth generation smartphone, there is a higher likelihood that they will opt to call it iPhone 5. But read why we might not see an iPhone 6 until 2014.

Chances are, if you’re a passionate iPhone users who knows the ins and outs of Apple’s flagship mobile device, then you’re also one of the ones out there who argue that Apple should skip the name “iPhone 5” and head directly to “iPhone 6.” If you’re smart, then you know that the current iPhone 4S is in fact the fifth generation iPhone, and because of this, it would be inaccurate to call the next iPhone “iPhone 5.” And you would be right.

But you would also be wrong. Read More


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