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Those hoping for an iPhone 6 form factor overhaul are latching on to a bold, new Apple patent that combines some of the biggest iPhone rumor keywords. But is any of the technology realistic for the 2014 iPhone 6?

More than anything, the iPhone rumor mill is one big recycling bin of rumor keywords. “Low-cost iPhone,” “larger screen,” “smart bezel,” “fingerprint sensor,” “LiquidMetal,” “sapphire” — all of these keywords bounce around on iPhone blogs, and every once in a while, they come true. Most, however, do not.

However, a recent posting from Patently Apple, reporting on a new, audacious Apple patent, features three big buzz words in the rumor mill: LiquidMetal, sapphire, and OLED — all of which are said to combine to make a next-generation iPhone form factor with a ”wraparound” display.

All of this sounds exciting — but what would its actual purpose be? And how viable is it for the 2014 iPhone 6?

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Opinion: A LiquidMetal iPhone 6 Seems Like a Virtual Lock

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 Opinion on Friday Sep 21, 2012

LiquidMetal iPhone 6

With the new iPhone debuting a cool aluminum back, as well as Apple re-upping its licensing agreement with LiquidMetal technologies for another two years, it would appear that we can expect the next-generation alloy to be used on the iPhone 6.

LiquidMetal Technologies certainly did their part in 2012 to ratchet up speculation that their ingenious metal alloy would make it onto an Apple product. After a late-breaking press release on the day of the iPad 3 that suggested LiquidMetal may have been secretly used in its form factor — a short-lived rumor, to be sure — to several reports out of Asia that LiquidMetal would be used on the iPhone 5′s metal back, the Delaware-based company enjoyed stock surges and plenty of tech news cycles where their name was excitedly bandied about.

In the end, the iPhone 5 of course only used basic aluminum for its back. That being said, however, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that Apple has LiquidMetal in mind for the iPhone 6. Read More


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A new report suggesting that Apple will deploy its glass cutting machines in 2012 for a curved glass display indicates that the iPhone 6 will be the recipient of a form factor overhaul.

The current iPhone 5 rumor mill has gone back and forth in pondering whether the new iPhone set to be announced on October 4th will be a form factor refresh of the iPhone 4, or a completely new design. iPhone users who are eager to see the screen size of the iPhone increase are concerned that the use of the iPhone 4′s chassis on the next iPhone will not allow for a larger screen. For those who are worried about that scenario, a new report may provide even more concern.

According to DigiTimes, Apple is planning to start using its own glass-cutting equipment in 2012, ostensibly for a curved glass display and/or chassis for the iPhone 6: “curved cover glass may be the next big thing in terms of handheld device designs as both Apple and the non-Apple camp are reportedly gearing up for the releases of products with curved touchscreens in the first half 2012, according to industry sources.”
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