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Tim Cook’s Hype Speech Co-opted As iPhone 6 Release Date Clue

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 News on Thursday Dec 26, 2013

tim cook may iphone 6 releaseIt appears that the May iPhone 6 release date rumor is going to live longer in the tech news cycle than it deserves to. We reported a few days ago on how Digitmes believes that a phablet-sized iPhone 6 is already in pre-production for a May release date, an unlikely-at-best prediction for a device and company that has become increasingly predictable in its product development since the death of Steve Jobs.

Now, Steve Jobs’ predecessor’s recent hype speech to employees (and investors by extension) is being co-opted as yet another clue of an iPhone 6 release date in May.

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Tim Cook Suggests iPhone 6 Will Retain Current Screen Specs

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 Rumors on Sunday Apr 28, 2013

large screened iphone 6

While tech enthusiasts hope against hope that Apple will adopt Android-style display dimensions, Tim Cook suggests that Cupertino will stand pat with the current screen specs for the iPhone 6.

With the onset of larger-screened smartphone designs, those who follow consumer electronics continue to bemoan Apple’s reticence to adopt larger, more Android-like screen dimensions for the iPhone. After retaining the original iPhone’s 3.5-inch screen up until last year, the expanded display on the iPhone 5 was met with middling reviews, as the elongated screen failed to give some users the large, phablet-like real estate they’re looking for on future iPhones.

For those who are holding out hope that the iPhone 6 will finally debut a large, wide screen, recent comments from Tim Cook suggest that Apple is not looking to significantly revamp the iPhone 6′s display dimensions anytime soon. Read More


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