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Tech Analyst Floats June iPhone 6 Release Date Claim

Posted by Michael Nace under iPhone 6 News, iPhone 6 Opinion on Thursday Dec 19, 2013

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The late summer and early fall have for the past few years become an “Apple harvest” of sorts, with Cupertino reserving the vast majority of its major product releases to coincide with the west’s most consumer-driven season of the year. Yet, every year around this time, wild iPhone release dates abound. This year, a financial tech analyst has made news, claiming that the iPhone 6 release date will coincide with the 2014 WWDC, with an announcement ion June and release in July. Read More


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iphone 6In spite of the fact that the iPhone 5 is stated to be released at the end of the summer, tech analysts and bloggers still cannot accept the logic that a September release for the iPhone 6 and beyond may be “the new normal” for iPhone releases.

Take a landmark mobile device like the iPhone and release it every year at the same time, and very quickly you get millions and millions of “iPhone junkies” who rely on the clockwork iPhone release schedule to keep their tech-filled lives in healthy equilibrium.

But Apple’s decision to delay the usual release of the iPhone 5 — extending it months beyond the usual announcement at the WWDC, has left iPhone users and tech pundits feeling angry, frustrated, and lost. It would seem that an entire generation of iPhone 3Gs users, who purposely skipped over the iPhone 4 in hopes that the iPhone 5 would be a groundbreaking device, have had their patience frayed to the max, with some iPhone users even jumping ship for the iPhone 5′s natural rival, the Samsung Galaxy S II.
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